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Project outsourcing

Strong technical foundation is necessary to enable growth. We deliver fast and stable solutions for your complex business needs.

Microservices architecture

Decompose your monolith application to a microservice architecture. Gain flexibility, lower the costs and enable fast scaling. All deployed to a container based, could infrastructure.


Have your project developed a technical debt? Refactoring legacy code is in our company's DNA. Improve the quality, get automated tests implemented and make your code efficient and maintainable.

Continuous delivery

Continuous integration and delivery pipelines are at the core of successful tech companies. Cyber Noise team can automate your product delivery and help speed up your software development.

Cyber Security

SMEs often ignore the importance of information security, hoping it's a problem only for large enterprises. A single data leak can have serious consequences especially for a fast growing startup. Protect your customers and data with our cybersecurity consulting services.

Maximum GDPR penalty for a security breach: €20 million or 4% of global turnover.

Nearshore team

Accelerate your business and scale your development capabilities. Access the best talent in the market and bring innovation to your team of engineers.

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